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Worksite Temperature Screening for COVID-19

Workplace temperature monitoring is an essential part of today’s condition. The majority of companies have been practicing continuous temperature measurements in the pandemic. In COVID-19, the law mandates that all buildings should facilitate measuring and monitoring regularly. By having continuous temperature measurements, building managers can spot problems earlier before they become severe issues. One of the consistent symptoms with COVID-19 is an elevated temperature of above 100.4˚F. Some workplaces have started screening their employees using non-contact temperature scanners to determine whether they may enter the worksite.

What is Temperature screening?

Temperature screening uses a process called thermography, or “long-distance heat imaging”, to measure skin temperature within the degree. Most work reliably at some distance. Temperature screening tools are available as non-contact thermometers or unattended thermal imaging systems. Non-contact thermometers are usually less expensive but require particular manual operation. So you will still have to assign and train staff to work close to the people you wish to scan and ensure they are taking necessary personal protection. Unattended thermal imager can be mounted to walls near entry points and integrated with access control systems to assure only healthy people can enter the workplace. So in this, there is no need to train staff with such a system. 

How does temperature screening work?

Remote temperature screening work based on a phenomenon called black body radiation. Anything above absolute zero temperature has molecules inside of it. All objects emit energy, often known as heat. The temperature screening detects and measures, and converts that heat data into reading that shows the object’s surface temperature. A temperature screening system is essentially a heat sensor that is capable of detecting tiny temperature differences. The device collects the radiation from objects in the scene and creates an electronic reading based on information about the temperature differences.

Why is temperature Screening necessary?

Having a solid temperature monitoring system at work, where the employees have less or no time, can help prevent severe health issues in the workplace. There are many benefits of temperature screening in the workplace. 

  1. The scanning system has high-quality accuracy and speed for temperature detection. The process is termed a thermal scan, which is the most accurate method for temperature determination. 
  2. It will scan the person’s temperature and take a snapshot of the temperature at that point in time.
  3. Using a non-contact temperature system helps reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 infections as there will be no direct or indirect contact with an infected person.
  4. Owners carrying out such screening systems are preventing the introduction of COVID 19 disease into the work site.
  5. One of the advantages of using temperature screening for workers is that it shows that your company is determined in limiting the spread of COVID. An organization often thinks about their employees as you find ways to secure your workforce. Later on, individuals will cherish this when the pandemic recovers to usual and will hold your organization in higher honor.
  6. Helps in safe distance measurements; the temperature screening system estimates heat levels without human touch and consequently adheres to social distancing.
  7. Screening systems use image capture software; they can also verify if a user is wearing a face mask or not. So depending on your organization’s needs, you could choose to restrict staff access if you have not worn a mask.


Thermal imager and non-contact thermometers, which are non-contact temperature estimation devices, may be used to measure a person’s temperature. A raised temperature is one way to identify a person with a COVID-19 infection, although an infected person may be contagious without a high temperature or other easily detectable symptoms. Such a non-contact system can instantly measure and display a temperature reading so that it can evaluate a huge number of people individually at points of entry.

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