Why Indian Tiffin services growing Rapidly in Canada?


Hello Friends My name is Karan. I belongs to Punjab India. I have been Living in Scarborough, Canada for last 5 years. Because of curiosity, I Love exploring things. I love to travel the world and exploring Different places. I normally work in a company and 9 to 5 I have no time, but Sunday is mine.

I have explored a lot and as I am foodie so that I try new food daily. The food can be Indian or Canadian, I Tried everything here! Because of my job, I have no time. So, I decided to buy a subscription of Canada’s Highly rated Indian Tiffin service. I got my problem solved and get curious about their work as i love business. I explored many things about tiffin services here.

So, with My whole Experience I wants to share you about ” Why Indian tiffin service is growing rapidly In Canada.

Why People in Canada likes Indian food too much?

Indian cuisine is well-liked in Canada for various reasons. One of the main factors is Canada’s cultural diversity, with a large Indian diaspora making Indian cuisine more widely available and accessible. Additionally, Indian food is known for its health benefits, as it often includes fresh herbs, spices, and vegetables, and many dishes are vegetarian or vegan. The diversity of Indian cuisine, with its many different dishes and flavors, is also a draw for Canadians. Finally, the unique flavors of Indian cuisine, which come from the use of herbs and spices like cumin, coriander, turmeric, and cardamom, make it a popular choice for those looking for something flavorful and different. Overall, the popularity of Indian cuisine in Canada can be attributed to these factors.

Growth of Indian Tiffin services In Canada.

Tiffin services are becoming increasingly popular in Canada, especially in urban areas with large Indian communities. These services offer freshly cooked, home-style Indian food that can be delivered to customers’ homes or workplaces. The convenience of having healthy, home-cooked meals delivered to one’s doorstep has been a key factor driving the growth of tiffin services.

The growth of Indian tiffin service in Canada is increasing monthly. As per date , more then 259000 people have been departured from indian only in 2021. The Indians are Highly demanded of Indian food and 98% of them uses indian Tiffin services from First Month. So here is a rapid growth in indian tiffin service in canada in last three years. Nearby more the 2.5 lakh tiffin delivered daily in 2018. It was increased with a growth rate of 2.5x in 3 years.

Moreover, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has also contributed to the growth of tiffin services, as many people are now working from home and looking for healthy and convenient meal options. In addition, the popularity of Indian cuisine and the increasing number of Indian immigrants in Canada have also played a role in the growth of tiffin services.

Why Indian Tiffin Service is Growing rapidly in Canada?

Indian tiffin service is experiencing growth in Canada due to various factors. Firstly, the Indian population in Canada has been steadily increasing, leading to a higher demand for authentic Indian food. Secondly, tiffin services provide a convenient solution for people who may not have the time or energy to cook by delivering fresh, home-cooked meals to their doorstep. Thirdly, Indian food is generally considered to be healthy and nutritious, making tiffin services an appealing option for health-conscious individuals. Additionally, tiffin services are often more affordable than eating out at a restaurant or ordering takeout, which is a significant factor in their popularity. Finally, tiffin services offer the option to customize meals based on dietary restrictions or preferences, allowing people to enjoy Indian food without compromising their health or personal preferences.

In conclusion, the growth of Indian tiffin services in Canada can be attributed to several factors, including increasing demand, convenience, health-consciousness, affordability, and customization options.


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